About Donkeyloot

Create a new account, verify your email to activate it and start hitting piñata donkeys to receive reward drops. Inside you will find site cash, as well as Donkey Points, xp and game lives.

You can withdraw your cash balance using multiple well-known payment processors and crypto wallets, when they are available. Check out payout proof section to see other users' success! Please have in mind that withdrawal availability is determined individually and does not guarantee website balance cashout. The primary purpose of website balance is to allow you to access internal bonuses and features (e.g. our NFTs).

We work with multiple advertisers and share commissions with our most active members. Every time you complete an offer, a survey, or view an advertisement, a portion of commissions go straight to the prize pool which is distributed among our most active users. Payout availability directly depends on the commissions generated.

Cashing out usually takes between a few minutes and up to 24 hours. In rare cases they may take longer as the speed depends on our payment service providers.

You do not need to pay anyting. However, transaction fees and exchange costs may be deducted from the final sum and are displayed near each withdrawal option. The fees depend on the chosen withdrawal method. In addition, sometimes we may require a one-time confirmation of your account by completing a quick free survey or offer.

You cannot lose your site cash balance, unless you decide to cash out or spend it on internal features.

Currently we do not have a transfer feature and all balances are tied individually to each user.

No, this game is completely free! There are multiple ways to get free game lives and we never ask you for payments or deposits. We've created this service as a fun game to spend time, not as a casino!

No. Any use of bots or game automation scripts is strictly prohibited. You will not be able to cash out your winnings gained by using automated methods. We strictly monitor for such tools and ban accounts permanently.

In addition, such scripts downloaded from unknown sources might be designed to steal your account credentials - in such case you would not be able to recover your Donkeyloot account.

Some piñatas are empty as the game rewards system is random and based on many factors (user activity, completed offers, etc.). No worries - the next one could always be twice as rewarding, so keep playing!

We reward you for your activity on Donkeyloot. On average, users who complete offers, invite friends, disable AdBlock and stay active have higher chances of winning rewards. Please have in mind that there is a random factor involved as well and full rewards algorithm is not disclosed publicly.

Each life allows you to destroy one piñata donkey.

Donkey Points can be used to enter cash raffles as well as for other game features. Donkey Points are separate from cash balance and are used only for internal purposes. You can find Donkey Points by destroying piñatas or reaching achievements in the achievements section.

Experience points are required to unlock higher levels.

Higher level allows you to unlock more game features and get more rewards. Each level has specific unlockable benefit - they can be found in Levels section.

One account is strictly limited per one individual.

This website is accessible from any browser and does not require any downloads. You can open donkeyloot.io in your browser on any device.

The quickest way to get more lives is to complete offers and surveys. You can also invite friends and send or request lives between yourselves. Finally, you can use the free lives option, which is slower but always available to all players.

Buy a raffle ticket using your Donkey Points. One random winner will be drawn automatically after the required number of players have entered.

Simply give your friend your personal invitation code or link so they could join and appear on your friends list.

Your friend needs to verify email before appearing in the list.

However, please have in mind that we accept only unique registrations and perform strict referral checks behind the scenes.

Reasons why a friend was not accepted as yoru referral might include: not having browser cookies enabled; using a proxy or a VPN; using the same network connection (IP address) as you; already having an account on donkeyloot.io.

Make sure you use a reliable email provider (e.g. Gmail). Remember to check your spam folder and mark our messages as important to ensure that you receive them in the future.

This might happen if you have already clicked the link previously or if you requested another link and are now trying to click an older link. Try requesting a new link again.