Terms of Service

By accessing, browsing and using donkeyloot.io (“Website”) and any of its related services, you agree to fully comply with the following Terms laid out on this page. These Terms, together with our Privacy Policy govern your relations with this Website. You must immediately discontinue the use of our Website if you disagree with any part of the Terms.

Donkeyloot.io is referred to as “Donkeyloot”, “Website”, “Service”, “us” or “our” and you are referred as “You”, “User”, “Visitor” as the viewer and user of this Website. The Website constitutes all content accessible through domain donkeyloot.io and (or) its subdomains.

  1. General Terms

    By viewing, browsing and otherwise accessing donkeyloot.io content you are agreeing to our Terms as well as agree to comply with any applicable laws and regulations, including your local laws, regarding the use of web services like this one.

    This website is intended for users who are at least 13 years of age or higher, if set otherwise by your local law.

  2. Description of Service

    Donkeyloot is a website providing free-to-play online game services. It includes custom user rewards system based on user activity and other subjective criteria, set by the owner of the Website.

    The Website does not require or allow any type of monetary deposits and does not process any monetary transactions.

    The Website does not provide any real money gambling services or investment services of any kind.

  3. Rewards

    Users can be rewarded for their activity on this Website. The rewards can be given in the form of Website money, points, lives or other balances, Website digital collectibles and other prizes and rewards, described specifically on the Website.

    All User rewards and balances shown on the Website are for internal entertainment purposes only and have no monetary value and are not legally binding in any way.

    Final decision to deliver (pay out), cancel or modify certain rewards is done by the Website. Users are not entitled to these rewards or payments or balances until the final decision is made and the delivery has completed. All balances can be modified, converted into other forms or nullified at any time by the Website without prior notice.

    The reward sizes are determined individually for each user while considering various user activity factors, including (but not limited to): advertisement clicks, completed offers, completed surveys, invited friends, link shares, time spent online, time spent playing. The Website reserves the right to not disclose the exact algorithms and all factors influencing the final rewards of the users. The Website reserves the right to change these algorithms and criteria at any time and without prior notice.

    The Website cannot be held responsible for any balance or other user data loss due to server or other Service malfunctions, downtime, bugs or other errors.

  4. Prohibited uses

    This Website may not be used for any unlawful purposes.

    Any attempt to cheat the Website or the rewards system by using plugins, scripts, bots, extensions, fake accounts or means to gain unfair advantage will result in permanent user account ban and may require the User to compensate the damage done to the Website.

    Any attempt to cheat external offer or survey providers (by using fake information, VPN or Proxy IPs and any other fraudulent means) will result in permanent user account ban and may require the User to compensate the damage done to the Website.

  5. User accounts, community and content

    User name, email and password is required to create an account on the Website.

    One user account is allowed per household.

    It is strictly prohibited to use profanities or other provoking words as user account names; to harass other users; advertise or spam unwanted content; post inappropriate or malicious links.

    Working email account must be provided in order to ensure the possibility to verify and communicate with you through email letters, as well as confirm account changes.

    Strong, unique and confidential password must be used when creating user accounts. You create an account at your own risk and no warranties are provided with regards to it. By creating an account you understand and accept the risks associated with this action.

    User account cannot be considered as your property and can be modified or removed by the Website at any time. User accounts cannot be sold or transferred to other individuals.

  6. Account bans and removals

    We reserve the right ban accounts at any time and without prior warning. In case of suspicious or fraudulent activity the accounts will become permanently inaccessible and no further support will be provided for that individual.

    Using multiple accounts or more than one account per household or individual; using fake information (VPNs) to complete offers or receiving offer chargebacks; using any type of emulator software or scripts will result in immediate and permanent user account ban.

  7. Restricted access

    You must be at least 13 years of age to use our Services.

    You cannot continue using our Services if your user account is banned or completely removed from the system by the administration for any previous Terms of Service violations.

  8. Referral link/coupon code

    Referral links track only unique registrations on the website. Duplicate user IPs, VPN, Proxy and other traffic is prohibited and will not be counted towards User friend bonus rewards.

    Any fake invites and referrals will result in immediate termination of user account and nullification of all available balances.

    We reserve the right to modify or revoke referral links or coupon codes if any kind of abuse is suspected.

  9. Offer holds and reversals

    We reserve the right to temporarily hold offer and survey completion rewards. This is usually done automatically by the offer and survey providers and is processed automatically after manual check.

    Offer reversals may occur if incorrect or fake information was users. In such cases user balance corrections or complete user account removal can occur.

  10. Payouts

    Users can convert their balances to real money or cryptocurrency rewards based on individual terms and minimum or maximum limits displayed on the withdrawals page. Such balances do not have any monetary value or entitlement until the payout is confirmed and processed by the Website.

    Final market exchange rate and amount of payouts is determined at the moment of processing (confirming) such payout and cannot be negotiated. Other transaction fees and conversion fees may apply for payouts and are to be paid by the individual receiving such payout.

    The Website has the final and non-negotiable decision to allow or deny any payouts as well as to change the amounts or withdrawal options.

  11. Advertisements

    The Website displays third party advertisements, offers and surveys. The Website is not responsible for the content, tracking and any other issues related with advertiser content.

  12. Disclaimer

    This website is provided on an as-is and as-available basis. You agree that your use of the website and our services will be at your sole risk. In no event will we or our directors, employees, or agents be liable to you or any third party for any direct, indirect, consequential, exemplary, incidental, special, or punitive damages.

  13. Updates

    We reserve the right to update these Terms of Service with or without prior notice.

  14. Contacts

    You can contact us with any questions or complaints via:
    [email protected]